Meet me in LONDON!

Today is the big day! It seems like just yesterday I was applying for my study abroad program and then time completely took off. I leave for London, England today to study something I truly love which is nursing. Choosing to study abroad was a path that chose me, I always said that one day I would become a travel nurse but I never thought I would be able to do it until I graduated. After talking with a friend she connected me to Dr. Clark. Dr. Clark showed me that no matter what career choice you have and the limitations you might have with your school schedule there is a way to include traveling, this is where London came into the picture. Out of all the programs, the London classes seem most fitting because it offered a sense of perspective to career. The classes not only teach you about the history of nursing but gives you the opportunity to compare the healthcare system to your home country. Seeing what London offered helped me make a decision rather quick (literally a few minutes after reading). Besides the classes London offer, the city has so many great touring places I am ready to see. I know this might sound a little cliche but who wouldn’t want to take a picture at the London bridge! I am so excited about all the memories I am going to make, the photos I am going to take! I have researched (googled) major places to see while I am there and events that will be going on during my time there, it seems that there is always something happening which makes me even happier! I will be carrying you guys through almost every second of my trip so enjoy the ride and I’ll be sure to keep you posted (get it?).

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