Summer Internship in South Africa

[This is posted by Martin Nicolay, who spent a month in South Africa through Averett’s affiliate program Student-Athletes Abroad. Martin plays baseball at Averett and is studying Physical Education.]

I just got back from an amazing 3 weeks long travel to Cape Town in South Africa. I got to leave because of Averett University’s study abroad program. 

Before I left, I was wondering how this beautiful adventure really was going to take place. But my fears quickly faded away after their incredible and warm welcome in the country.

I volunteered for a non-profit association : Great Commission United that was founded by Mario Van Niekerk. This association has the goal to bring scholar support in different primary and high schools. They also have an afterschool program that uses sports to get kids out of gangs, drugs and violence. It’s within this part of the program that I used my coaching experience to create soccer practices for them. I also helped schoolchildren by teaching them : reading, talking, writing and the seasons for the younger ones. I helped a boy named Mario in his multiple association activities. 

During the weekends, I participated in different travels, visits and fun activities to do in South Africa. It was an amazing part of my experience. 

Since I have been back, I don’t see life in the same way. Such an amazing travel leaves a mark for ever.