Reliving London week 1

To the country that has made me the most humble, I thank you and I’ll always cherish you forever

As eager as I am to return home for the fall semester, I am a little saddened that my trip is officially over in London. I’ve seen so many places and met amazing people from all over the globe in just a short amount of time. Each of these things I’ll hold near and dear to my heart as I return home to the U.S. In the next couple of minutes or so (depends on how fast you read haha) I’ll be giving you an entire rundown of my trip from A to Z starting with the very first week.

I studied through a program called CAPA Global Health that centers its entire being on the well-being and academic achievement of their students regardless of their background and learning abilities. Each of them have a unique characteristic that interacts and solely focuses on getting their students up to par and becoming successful in whatever field that they choose. I instantly felt a connection with the entire staff and educators there because we were more of a family than a school. They made my transition easy and ultimately possible. So to them I say a thousand times thank you. Just to name a few (Carlos, Hanna, Sue Snoxall, and Ceri Butler) you all rock!!

But wait…there’s more

On the first day we all checked in to our flats (which had a beautiful view of the nearby city of London) and met our flat mates! It was a bit challenging at first for me to get used to the time change because we were five hours ahead of what I’m normally used to so first things first, I took a nap but of course since I was excited to be in another country and to go explore, that didn’t last long. The very first place I went into was a Greek food shop called the real Greek where they had all things Greek food, another new thing for me. Although we only tried appetizers that time, they were still a solid 10/10. Pretty great for a small shop. next , we discovered another tiny restaurant near the Westfield Mall caked Bill’s. It’s an all around London food shop but has other menu items for vegetarians, Indian food, and much much more. The scenery here was absolutely beautiful and the waitress sure knew how to treat brand new londoners by explaining the menu and process of ordering food (btw you have to ask for receipts, they don’t just bring them to you and they box your take away food for you!) This was a perfect “welcome to London” lunch and I couldn’t have picked a better place to start my journey with. After eating, we traveled around the mall for a bit and decided to go back to the flat to get to know each other and prepare for the next day of class.

over the course of the next couple of days we all had a bit of adjusting to do. None of us really slept the first couple of days. Half because of Jetlag and then half because of excitement. So when it came time to go to our very first class, all of us were pretty eager. Our specific program had 10 students, all from different parts of the U.S. and one teacher for each different course. We would be taking Comparative Health and History of Medicine & Midwifery, two very important and humbling classes in my opinion. After class, we all decided to take a stroll and find some fun things to do as official londoners. We even knocked two things off of my bucket list (eating at the infamous Nandos chicken restaurant where the chicken is to die for and taking a photo in one of the photo booths)

Pretty fun right?

When we were done exploring, we had a surprise waiting for us back at the program. They had arranged a private tea party for all of us to partake in as a way of welcoming us to a new life.

The next couple days went a little like this:

A visit to two corner coffee shops, because what’s a trip to London without visiting those?A trip to St. Paul’s CathedralA glance at the real life beauty and the beast rose (my favorite Disney movie of all time)and a stroll through Covent Garden.

Not bad at all for your first week.