Reliving London week 2

The following week was a bit more exciting I promise. After getting settled into our flats and classes, our group was able to take a couple of field trip studies and some trips of our own. In total i was able to visit the local pub nearby our town called brewdog where I had my first ever British beer.then, I was able to visit what they call the London Time Square or Piccadilly Circus. There’s so much life on the strip and so much to do and see. There’s people dancing, singing and all around having a great time in each other’s companythen, we did something legendary. We visited Stonehenge and Bath in the same day! Not many people can say that. The historic stones were said to have “magically” appeared there during the time of the Greeks and Romans and were used to tell when the calendar would date good days for praying and rest. The stones would show a perfectly good view of wherever the sun was shining that day. I’d say they were pretty magical as well. Now Bath, that was all for the Romans. The bath was said to have special healing waters and powers to bring forth good energy in life and the after life. They would bathe in this warm bath once a week to continue prosperity. (I even got to touch it since I am becoming a doctor so now I’m extra healed and my patients will be too) The London Eye photobombed me our own boat tour to Greenwich where I had Greek food (again, I’m addicted now). Greenwich market is such a beautiful place with many old town buildings and places to shop. Finally again I was able to knock something off of my bucket list and visited the infamous Notting Hill movie book shop. Btw both actors signed the poster