Reliving London week 4

This week was filled with lots of field trips from our classes and special moments that happened to me that I’ll always remember.

So let’s relive it shall we…

1. I’m officially a signed model

After coming across one of the agencies during my free time I was able to share my personal portfolio and get feedback on them all. So it looks like I’ll be traveling to London more often than I thought..sooo cool.

2. I went to The Apothecaries (pharmacist) Garden, the Chelsea Physic Garden, where they keep all of the plants and herbs used for natural healing. Some of them are even still used today in some of the medications we take. (I made the connection)

3. The old operating theatre where surgery was done during the 1800’s. I was even able to be a volunteer and lay on the table as the tour guide demonstrated how surgeries were done during that time period! He gave me a pretty cool eraser for being a great volunteer as well.

4. A trip back to 221 B Baker Street

5. And finally, last but certainly not least, a trip to the London Bridge