Reliving London week 5

Upon our final week, my classmates and I did everything we all could possibly have wanted and more. We each made it our missions to have the best final six days to kick off our new semester in America. It started with a visit to the Tate Modern Art Museum where each piece of artwork told the story of many lives and centuries throughout time.

Then, (internally screams again) I visited Buckingham Palace!! A full tour inside of the building and had tea at the Crown Victoria

Disclaimer: the palace holds garden parties each year for their friends and family members that was started in the late 1800’s by Queen Victoria and her husband King Albert. It is a ten minute long walk from the palace throughout the entire guarded and there’s mini food shops and ice cream stands on every corner (the queen loves gelato). Although I wasn’t able to take pictures inside of the palace of course, it was a remarkable place filled with history and poise.

While keeping the royal spirit in mind, I went to Tower Hill the next day to see the Crown Jewels of the royals 😍 we even got to take a picture with one of the guards

As a break from all of the exploring, my flat mate reserved a table for all of us at the Duck and Waffles restaurant overlooking the city of London. It’s quite a posh place to be in so we had to look extra exquisite. I also tried duck for the first time.

Again moving into the historical parts, we saw the first hospital and visited another posh medical society that our professor was sort of. (She recommended me to them as well and I will become an official member when I graduate college!)

Another pretty historical visit was the Foundling Museum, where small infant children would be brought here by there mothers to be taken care of by wet nurses and doctors when they couldn’t care for them. The mothers would leave little pieces of them behind with the child and then recollect them when they were older (usually around 5 years old). This hospital was created to stop the spread of children deaths in London.

Then I saw Harry Styles….on a billboard of course.

And then another trip to the Wellcome Library (it’s my favorite ever)

I went to another theatre show that was absolutely hilarious and my favorite of all time! It even had one of my favorite actors, Andrew Scott, leading as the main character.

Finally, we had a departure dinner for the entire program to come together again. It was definitely bittersweet.

Our last big adventure together goes to Abbey Road, where the Beatles shot their famous album cover of them walking across the road. There are no stop signs or traffic signals on that particular street so getting a good picture was utterly impossible. But, nonetheless, thanks to my photographer and group of friends they were able to capture the perfect pictures