A trip down memory lane: Week 1

Going into this study abroad experience, I was most excited about seeing the fashion, old museums and to learn about what makes London so great. When stepping in the car from the airport I knew exactly why, London is GORGEOUS! From the airport to just a regular streets everything was just beautiful and I am not just saying that because I was a tourist. I was nervous of course, going into a new country about the food that would be available for vegetarians, I am what you call a picky eater but East London had all the vegetarian options you could ask for. The first week was full of dreams come true, laughter, amazing people and adventures. If I could start the 4 weeks all over again it would began just like this!

I took my first train ride! The excitement was all over my face, I had never been on a train before I was so excited to finally get the chance to take what Londoners call “the tube”.
Tea Time! Meeting our classmates and professors

We took many trips but one of the best things about the first week is that one of my dreams came true. I GOT TO SEE STONEHENGE IN PERSON! I was so overwhelmed by the experience I could not grasp words to express my feelings. Who ever thought little old me would have made it to Stonehenge this soon!

Our next trip was to bath: this water was said to have 97 minerals and healing properties.
I definitely stuck my hand in there
Night Life