When Learning Got a Little More Interesting: Week 2

By this time I have gotten into the swing of things. I wake up around 8 a.m the get ready for my 9:30 class. I take the tube to class which is about a 30 minute commute. My flat has 3 bathrooms which makes it a lot easier when you have four flat mates. My flat mates are so much fun and love the try and feel the days with many adventures when class is dismissed.

This week taught me that learning is such an amazing thing. I learned so much more about someone who my school speaks highly of when it comes to nursing …Florence Nightingale. I knew she was important when it came to the foundation of nursing and some of the skills we still use today but I never knew the unique methods she used during the war and that she trained other women to just as great as she was. She worked on making other knowledgeable until her passing. When visiting the Nightingale museum we got to see and learning intimate details of her life from childhood until adulthood and her prized possessions from her time.

Stopped for a visit to the British Library afterwards, so amazing!
Greenwich Boat Tour, my first tour and can I say HAPPY! This tour was everything I excepted the view of London from the boat was stunning, we were able to learn a lot about historical building and why they were created, you wouldn’t believe how much history I learned in just 45 minutes.
Tower Bridge
Big Ben who is now under construction was in clear view from the boat 😦
There is always time to fit in a little shopping lol
I just had to add this picture I was able to sit in my dream car while shopping in the mall, Tesla Model 3 I think it fits me

All in all the second week was amazing and I found an extreme love for Indian food! I probably ate Indian food 3 times after this picture I could not eat enough of it while I was there. I will definitely have to find me a place in the U.S. that makes it this well.