Farewell to My Remote Global Internship: The Final Week

[Katelyn is a senior at Averett University with a double Major in English and Communication Studies (Journalism) and a minor in African and African American Studies.] 

As I enter my final week as a remote global intern through CAPA: The Global Education Network, I feel honored. An experience I was anxious to begin, I am now sad to see end.

It is hard to believe I have had the chance to meet individuals from around the world, while being at home. My summer plans changed drastically when the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, impacted millions of lives.

Yet, CAPA provided a new method of learning for me to adjust to. As a remote global intern for a company located in Sydney, Australia and a student in a global internship course, I am forever changed.

This vital experience has been life-changing and my final week is going to be built by final tasks and assignments that push me to do my best.

While completing my last 20 hours for SugarMamma.TV/SASS Financial as a marketing/social media remote global intern in Sydney, Australia, I aim to continue to be an effective communicator.

Thus far, they have taught me new skills and provided me with advice on how to improve my work. Most importantly, they have provided me with a chance to learn about a new culture.

A brief insight to my final tasks for the week includes the following: carrying out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research, promoting their podcast by commenting on forums, and promoting community engagement for their YouTube channel, blog posts, and podcast.

Reminiscing on my time as an intern for their company, I continue to be appreciative of how kind they have been. They have made me feel like a true contributor to their company without physically being there.

This also goes for my global internship course; I am going to miss having Zoom meetings at 12:00 pm (EST) every week and speaking with my classmates in group break-out rooms.

However, I get to have one last remote collaboration with three of my peers for a final group project assignment. It is focused on creating a metaphor that collectively represents each of our separate journeys this summer.

It is going to be challenging to complete, due to not having the ability to meet in-person. Yet, it will provide me with a new perspective on the word collaboration and the desire to succeed together; no matter where we are.

As I enter my final week, I plan to give it my all and nothing less. It may be hard to say goodbye, but I know this journey will always be a part of me.

All smiles after completing my first week as a remote global intern. Although I was not able to travel to Sydney, Australia, I had the chance to learn about their culture and work for a company located there. I gained this experience while staying at home and spending time with my family.