First Few Days in Aix!

My first three days in Aix en Provence have been extraordinary from the get-go, from making friends with the local people to finding my regular food shops. To start things off, my new journey in France has taught me many new things from food to speaking in Franglais (French mixed with English). I have figured out some phrases from the local people to communicating with them. My favorite one I have learned is “bonsoir, au revoir” just based on the way it sounds from the pronunciation. I have also been to so many great places in Aix and around. I have walked everywhere in the town (and when I say everywhere I mean it).

We have seen the original Aix with the provincial people lived. With their home on top of the hills overlooking all the land below in case of attacks from enemies. It was amazing being able to touch their houses they lived in through generations of their families.

Art lesson at the IAU Marchutz Studio

To seeing the many marvelous water fountains and loving the way they express themselves through art gave me insight on why so many famous and aspiring artists came to visit Aix. The artwork was not just in drawings or paintings, it is in the ways they expressed every little detail. The balcony with flame-like railings and statue men looking like they were holding up the buildings. Each little shop has their own way of showing off the store merchandise. In Aix en Provence there was never a dull moment when walking the streets. There was and still is something to explore or another turn to take. It is an endlessly amazing this city and I am blessed to have had this amazing opportunity.