Reliving London week 4

This week was filled with lots of field trips from our classes and special moments that happened to me that I’ll always remember. So let’s relive it shall we… 1. I’m officially a signed model After coming across one of the agencies during my free time I was able to share my personal portfolio and … More Reliving London week 4

Reliving London week 3

I’d like to say that week 3 is probably my favorite given the fact that I was able to visit some of England’s most notable places. A trip to the Wellcome Library And the British library Sherlock Holmes’ house for all of you SiFi lovers. 221 B Baker St. and then of course we had … More Reliving London week 3

Reliving London week 2

The following week was a bit more exciting I promise. After getting settled into our flats and classes, our group was able to take a couple of field trip studies and some trips of our own. In total i was able to visit the local pub nearby our town called brewdog where I had my … More Reliving London week 2

Reliving London week 1

To the country that has made me the most humble, I thank you and I’ll always cherish you forever As eager as I am to return home for the fall semester, I am a little saddened that my trip is officially over in London. I’ve seen so many places and met amazing people from all … More Reliving London week 1