Reliving London week 3

I’d like to say that week 3 is probably my favorite given the fact that I was able to visit some of England’s most notable places. A trip to the Wellcome Library And the British library Sherlock Holmes’ house for all of you SiFi lovers. 221 B Baker St. and then of course we had … More Reliving London week 3

Reliving London week 2

The following week was a bit more exciting I promise. After getting settled into our flats and classes, our group was able to take a couple of field trip studies and some trips of our own. In total i was able to visit the local pub nearby our town called brewdog where I had my … More Reliving London week 2

Reliving London week 1

To the country that has made me the most humble, I thank you and I’ll always cherish you forever As eager as I am to return home for the fall semester, I am a little saddened that my trip is officially over in London. I’ve seen so many places and met amazing people from all … More Reliving London week 1

Just hanging around..

As I sit in the airport gazing over the next couple of weeks I can’t help but to thank my amazing support system and family for all that they have done to get me here. All glory goes to God. London, to me, is a city I’ve always wanted to visit and it seems so … More Just hanging around..

Meet me in LONDON!

Today is the big day! It seems like just yesterday I was applying for my study abroad program and then time completely took off. I leave for London, England today to study something I truly love which is nursing. Choosing to study abroad was a path that chose me, I always said that one day … More Meet me in LONDON!